We have a wide range of different zipper types:

4 mm spiral; shirt-, trousers & dress zippers 10-60 cm,
4 mm metal; trousers 5-20 cm
6 mm metal; jeanszipper 5-20 cm, work wear zippers
6 mm spiral; shoe-, trouser zipper 10-20 cm, work wear zipper
6 mm delrin and spiral; open-end 30-85 cm
6 mm delrin and spiral; 2-ways open-end zipper 50-100 cm
6 mm delrin and spirali; reversible open-end zippers 50-100 cm
9 mm delrin; open-end and 2-ways open-end zippers
Long chain + sliders; 4 mm-6 mm-7 mm-8 mm-9 mm-10 mm
Zippers for boat covers, bags, suitcases, travel bags, sleeping tent, boots etc.

Zippers are also available in lenghts ordered by customer.

2-way open-end